Winter Vacations Announced

Cadet College Larkana is pleased to announce winter vacations from 24 to 31 December, 2017

Larkanians shine at Board Exams-2017 at BISE Larkana

Following Cadets secured positions in Annual Examination 2017 BISE Larkana

Cadets of Class IXth visited Langh Lake

Class IX accompanied by Mr. Mazhar Ali Shah, Lecturer Sindhi (OIC) moved from Cadet College Larkana to Langh Lake. The Cadets visited Langh Lake and they looked very happy while seeing very wonderful scenario of that very natural beauty. Moreover, all the cadets enjoyed a lot and every Cadet looked too much happy there. Finally, we moved back from Langh Lake.

Mr. Sikander Ali, Inspector wild life guided and narrated the history of Langh Lake to the boys. He told them about different species of birds which visited Langh Lake every year from different countries of the world.

Whole visit remained very informative and full of recreation for the Cadets.

Larkanians Passed out from PMA

Following Larkanians Passed out from Pakistan Military Academy. We wish them God speed for their Army Career.

Larkanians join PMA

Following Larkanians join Pakistan Military Academy. We wish them a very bright future.

Anti-Malarial Spray at CCL

On 18 October 2016 at about 1830 hrs our College’s medical team under Supervision of RMO, sprayed the complete premises especially all hostels, Mess, Admin Block, Academic block, BOQ, and residential colony to avoid any malarial/dengue fever danger.

New Virtula Telephone Number added to Cadet College Larkana

A new virtual telephone number has been started at Cadet College Larkana 074-4044091.

The parents can call on this number on Saturday & Sunday and can dial their respective house extension. Each house has been allocated with three virtual lines. The details are as under:

Allama I.I Kaz Housei: 401, 402, 403

Effendi House: 404, 405, 406

Haider House: 407, 408, 409

Hamza House: 410, 411, 412

Iqbal House: 413, 414, 415

Jinnah House: 416, 417, 418

Latif House: 419, 420, 421

Muhammad Bin Qasim House: 422, 423, 424

Shahbaharo House: 425, 426, 427

Tipu House: 428, 429, 130

Z.A Bhutto House: 431, 432, 433

Lal Shahbaz House: 434, 435, 436 (Inactive)