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Allama I.I Kazi

Allama I.I Kazi was Born on 9 April 1886 in the city of Sindh Province "Dadu" his full name was Kazi Imam Ali Ansari he was the great scholars of Islamic studies, science Philosophy, Art, Literature, Psychology and so on. Allama I.I Kazi Received his Law Degree in 1911. He returned to Sindh in the city called Tando Mohammad Khan and after that Hyderabad where he was appointed as "Sub-Judge".

He founded the center of the Islamic society called "Jamiat-ul-muslimin" for preaching the Islamic studies in London where he also started teaching Sindhi literature in "School of Oriental Studies". His most authentic and prominent work was the foundation of Sindh University and he was appointed as vice chancellor of University in 1951 at the age of 65 years.

Finally he died on 13th April in 1968 and buried on colony of Sindh university that's why the name is given to this house Allama I.I Kazi". It's foundation stone was laid by syed Yousif Raza Gilani a prime minister Islamic republic of Pakistan on 25 April 2009. It was inaugurated by professor Mohammad Yousif Shaikh Principal and Project Director Cadet College Larkana on 8th May 2010.

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