Co-Curricular Activities:

To develop the overall personality of the cadets, the College offers following co-curricular activities:

  1. Speech, Debate and Declamation Competitions
  2. Essay-writing Competitions
  3. Dramatic Club
  4. Science Clubs
  5. Philately & Numismatic Club
  6. Art Club
  7. Drawing, Painting and Calligraphy Competitions
  8. Fancy Shows
  9. Singing and Skit Competitions
  10. Gen. Knowledge, Science, Pakistan, Islamic & Seerat Quizs
  11. Hifz-e-Hadith, Hifz-e-Latif and Hifz-e-Iqbal Competitions.
  12. Hobbies Clubs

Besides, inside Inter-Class, Inter-Wing and Inter-House competitions, the cadets are sent to participate in above all competitions at divisional, provincial and national level also.

Sports Facilities:

Outdoor Games: The College offers facilities for following out-door games with Coaches/Training Staff: Hockey, football, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics and Cricket.

Indoor Games: The College offers all required facilities for indoor games like Badminton, Table-Tennis, Chess and Scrabbles.

Swimming Pool:The College has a beautiful swimming pool of international standard.  It is mandatory for every cadet to pass swimming tests before passing out from the College.

Gymkhana:To keep the cadets agile, active and physically fit, the College has a well-equipped Gymkhana, where cadets do their physical exercises.

Military Training: Military staff headed by a serving Major are available for P.T, Drill and Military training.

Tours and excursions:To acquaint the cadets with the environment and to enrich their curricular experiences, the College arranges tours and excursions of nearby/surrounding areas, Cantonments, Elite Institutions, Mills and Industries, Archaeological-sites, Lower Sindh and Up-Country

Religious Training:College offers following facilities to guide and facilitate the cadets to attain their religious duties:

  • Mosque (Air-conditioned) for five time prayers.
  • Daily classes for Nazira/Hifz-e-Qura’an by trained teachers.
  • Daily classes for Namaz Training (After Isha).
  • Friday speeches by cadets before Khutaba-e-Juma.