Academic Block:

 This block comprises of two separate buildings namely:

A) Junior Section         B) Senior Section

Junior Section: This section contains:

  1. 10 class-rooms for class IX,X and M.T (Mother-Tongue Urdu/Sindhi)
  2. 03 Science Labs: Chemistry, Physics and Biology+ OICs Offices
  3. Language Laboratory
  4. Group Discussion Room
  5. Teachers’ Common Room
  6. College Archive+ OIC Office
  7. Data Center+ OIC Office
  8. Computer/I.T Lab+ OIC Office
  9. 04 offices of HODs: Maths, Chemistry, Bio and Sindhi

Senior Section: This section consists upon:

  1. Vice Principal (Academics)’s Office
  2. 11 class-rooms for Class VIII, XI and XII(Pre-Eng./Med. Groups)
  3. Computer/I.T Lab. + OIC Office
  4. Office of OIC Evening/Extra Coaching Classes
Courses/Subjects Offered:

The College is planned to cater for formal education from Class VIII to XII. The courses offered/syllabus is based on the approved scheme of the Sindh Text Book Board, Jamshoro and is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Larkana. The subjects offered are:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4.  Physics
  5. Biology/Zoology/Botany
  6.  Islamiyat/Ethics/Civics
  7. Pakistan/Social Studies
  8.   Urdu/Sindhi (M.T.) and
  9.  Asan Sindhi/Urdu Salees (N.M.T.).
  10.  Computer Science

Examination System: Contains following three stages:

  1. Monthly Tests: Held after the completion of a portion of studies.
  2. Terminal Tests(First & Second):Held before the end of each term.
  3. Annual Exams: Held after the completion of overall course.
Facilities Offered

Curricular Facilities:

  1. Spacious, airy and luxurious class-rooms equipped with Interactive multimedia System & Computerized Rostrums
  2. Language Laboratory (Centrally air-conditioned).
  3. Computer/I.T. Labs. (Centrally air-conditioned).
  4. Library containing 40 thousand Titles (Centrally air-conditioned)
  5. Book-Bank provides text books, additional books and note book

College Publications:

To provide the plat-form to express the writing skills of the cadets and teachers, the College publishes following publications:

Regular Publications:

  1. Lrakanians’ Letter (Monthly)
  2. Creativity (Tri-lingual:English, Urdu &Sindhi) Quarterly
  3. INDUS (annually)
  4. New In-Take: Essays, photos, addresses & aims of lives of new entrants
  5. The Leader: Essays, photos, addresses & aims of lives of passing-out cadets.