Volley Ball Team
Volley ball is only the game, which involves all the players in game at once. It is a game of team work, hard work and leadership. It is almost played almost in every part of the world. This game is played in open air grounds. This game is also played on beaches. It would be no exaggeration to say that it’s a fair source of recreation. This game is known as “outdoor game” the team consists of 6 players. A volley ball net is installed in middle of the ground.

There are the four grounds for volley ball on the southern side of Cadet College. These grounds play pivotal role in enhancing the practice & skills of the players in this game. Coach & officer Incharge of the game, play their magnificial role in bringing out the hidden qualities & skills of the players, with their hard work & experience.

Selection of Players

Selection of players is made on pure merit. The players are selected from all the nine houses of college on the basis of their potentials & skills in the game. In order to known about their skills, inter houses & inter class, volley ball championships are organized by the officers Incharge, which enables him to find out good players. For enhancing the value this game, annual volley ball (Inter Houses) championship is organized at college under the supervision of our worthy Principal.