Squash Team
 It is one of the worldwide well known and reputed sports (game).It is a game of two players playing in a court surrounded by four walls with rackets and a small rubber ball. This game is formally called squash. It was invented in Harrow School of England. Squash balls are b/w (39.5-40.5) mm in diameter and have a wt of 23-25 gm. It is made with two pieces of rubber compound, glued together to form a hollow sphere. Squash balls must be hit many times to warm them up at the beginning of the session; cold squash balls have very little bounce. Small colored dots on the ball indicate its dynamic level. Squash is very interesting and stirring game.

Here in Cadet College Larkana we have seven squash courts out of which six (06) are getting groomed. Whereas the 7th one is champion squash court. It is built of wooden floor and glass wall. It is fully air-conditioned in which about 100 seats are fixed for spectators. This beautifully built court was inaugurated by Air Marshal Kaleem Saadat (Nishan-e-Imtiaz Military), Chief of Air Staff on 04 January 2006.