Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a charismatic leader not only for the people of Pakistan but was a beacon of hope for the third world as well. The political history is witness to the fact that none has done for Pakistan more than Bhutto. It was Z.A Bhutto who introduced this nation with the democracy and a people’s constitution. He revolutionized the country that was considered as most vulnerable to any disaster. It was the personality of Bhutto that inspired us to name our house as Zulfiqaar Ali Bhutto house, with the same spirit and determination of said personality, our house took initiate of the taste to be the champion house. It came true more than ten times as the champion house while it remained runner-up in loosing case shortly. Many of the zabians secured positions and securing position in B.I.S.E and college terminal examination. This house is not lagging behind in sports activities. Many zabians are emerged as best Athlete, cricket and squash best players inside and outside the college with continuous spirit the house is working and performing in presents cenario.
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"Paragons of Progress"

Mr. Zaib Hussain Ghaloo
House Master

Mr. Hamadullah Shaikh
Assistant House Master
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Cadet Zain Irshad

Cadet Aashir Ahmed

Cadet Ameer Bux