Tipu house is named after the great warrior Tipu Sultan who is also called as ‘The Lion of Mysore’. The foundation stone of the house was laid down and after its successful construction work, the cadets started residing in it in 1993 with Mr. Muhammad Yameen, lecturer in Biology as its first housemaster. The house has produced lot of good speakers, writers, army, officers, engineers and doctors beside many other fields of boys, personal interest. Recently the cadet Faizan Khan Subriyani, the best cadet of the year, wrote a novel ‘MasoomMuhabbatjikatha’ and thus, besides a speaker and sportsman entered in the realm of literature.

The house has provided various opportunities to the boys to groom their talent and help them faced the challenge posed by the practical life. Tiputies remained winners and runner ups in basketball, volleyball, and cricket, P.T. etc quite a number of times. . Twice a month programs are organized to help the boys gaining confidence. Currently, the house is looked after by Sarfraz Ali Amur, lecturer in Mathematics.
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Never to Give In

Sarfraz Ali Amur
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