Joining Instruction
Cadet College Larkana
1 General: The Adjutant, on behalf of the Principal and Faculty Cadet College Larkana, congratulates you on your selection to join Cadet College Larkana as a Gentlemen cadet. During the stay of a cadet in college, would undergo training with focus on quality education, character building and personality building.

2 Dress: on the day of reporting, cadet should be dressed as follows:

a Close Collar (preferably)
b White shalwar qamiz
c Shalwar qamiz of any colour
d Casual
3 How to Reach Cadet College Larkana: CCL is located at the distance of 27 Km away from Larkana and 05 kms short of Moen-jo-Daro.

4 Inability to Join on Due Date: In case of you are unable to join on due date because of unavoidable circumstances you must inform Cadet College Larkana by telephone/telegram or fax immediately. ONLY IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES, A MAXIMUM OF THREE DAYS GRACE PERIOD IS ALLOWED ONLY AFTER APPROVAL BY COMPETENT AUTHORITY OF CCL.
Correspondence in this regard may be as under:- a. Postal Address
Principal, Cadet College Larkana
b.Important Phone numbers
074 – 4080091-96
5. In case of inability to join because of genuine medical reasons, a certificate must be obtained from a certified Hospital or a qualified Medical practitioner and send to Principal/Admin Officer and Adjutant Cadet College Larkana. 7 Outfit Items:On arrival at CCL, you will be issued with items as shown at Anx. ‘A’, the cost of which will be paid out of your outfit allowance.

a. Sports Facilities:
1. Hockey
2. Cricket
3. Football
4. Basketball
5. Volleyball
6. Baseball
7. Handball
8. Tennis
9. Badminton
10. Swimming
11. Squash

b. Adventure/ Educational Clubs

4. Debating
5.Fish Angling
7.Kite flying
8.Educational Clubs
12.Fine Arts

Note:- You may also bring any related equipment/ material for these clubs/facilities.

8. You are however, forbidden to bring any of the following to CCL:-
a. Animals (pets).
b. Car, Motorcycle or bicycle.
c. Pistil/Revolver or weapon of any type.
d. Dagger or sword etc.
e. Personal Computer
f. Cellular phone/pagers
g. Music instruments/cassettes/CD players less walkman.
h. Walkman TV.
i. Video cameras.
9. Preliminary Guidance/Tests
a. Since offering of daily prayers is part of the routine, you are advised to learn Namaz with translation in Urdu and bring a copy of the Holy Quran with you (applicable to Muslim only)
b. During the first week of your training at CCL you will be administered a saluting and Physical Training (PT) test.

10. Discipline: On arrival you will be enrolled in Cadet College Larkana and will then be subjected and governed by the Cadet College Larkana. While under training you will be required to abide by all the rules and regulations in Cadet College Larkana.

Guests of GCs:

a. Guests of GCs are permitted to meet them on closed holidays in the Cafeteria only. New entrants are, however, not permitted to meet their guests for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the guests of Gentleman Cadets are allowed to meet them subject to passing saluting test by the concerned Gentleman Cadets. They are also not allowed to leave CCL for leave/out pass etc till passing of Saluting Test.
b. Parents/guardians are requested to refrain from asking favours of any kind for their children. This tendency has to be curtailed for strengthening the faith/fairness of the system/institution. The parents, however, will be asked to visit CCL for counseling/corrective action for their wards whenever considered essential/required by the CCL authorities.

12. Leave.

Cadets can avail leave for one week during the Mid Term Break. Casual leave can be granted up to a maximum of three days in case of demise of only parents(s), parent(s)-in-law, guardian, brother(s), sister(s). Family functions may be planned in the Terms Breaks. During the course of a term, weekends are allowed to the cadets at the following scale:-

a. Long Weekends

13. GCs Mailing Address. During stay at CCL your address will be as under. Cadet No, House and batch will be allotted on arrival at CCL:- .Cadet No. _______________ Gentleman Cadet ________________________

.House _______________ Batch ________________________
Cadet College Larkana.

Use of Drugs. Possession, purchase, distribution and use of any kind of tranquilizer, intoxicant or drug by the Cadets in CCL is strictly prohibited and a violation shall result in their immediate termination/withdrawal.

15. Congenital Diseases. Certain forms of congenital disease like TB or diseases of heart, kidneys and lungs or mental illnesses are catalyzed and aggravated by the physical and mental stress of routine. It is advisable for the candidates and their parents to disclose the existence of such a family or personal disease history in their own interest. Subsequent discovery during any medical exam or stay at CCL will tantamount to perjury. Such a GC may be discharged on medical grounds and asked to pay for the training, medical treatment and all other public expenses made during the entire period including any training period in any school prior to joining CCL. A certificate attached at Annex ____ will be signed by the candidates or his father/guardian and brought along to CCL.
1. Physical Development Programme. Cadets are exposed to a progressive physical development programme. The details of this programme are as follows;
a. Heaving/Chin Ups – 3 under grips
b. Rope climbing – 5.5 Meters
c. Running – 1 Km
d. Sit ups – 10 in 2 minutes
e. Push Ups – 10 in 2 minutes
f. Obstacle course, cross country, endurance marches and boxing are also compulsory training events.
2. Enough practice is given before the
3. The basis for fitness is a good heart/lung efficiency and upper and lower limb strength. Candidates who are overweight should seek to be within their weight/height/age category otherwise they face severe challenges. See your doctor for advice.
4. Within your fitness regime you should, however, aim to include the “Five S System”:-
a. Strength.
b. Stamina.
c. Speed
d. Skills
e. Suppleness.
5. Ensure that pre-entry training is progressive. The following advice offers safe methods of preparation:-
a. Pre-activity Warm-up. Preparatory activity prior to exercise is important. It should include at least 10 minutes progressive pulse raising activity and mobility. The aim is to raise the body temperature, increase the blood flow to all major muscle groups, mobilize the joints and stimulate the nervous system. You should aim to raise your pulse rate to 120 beats per minute (BPM). At the end of your warm-up you would be freely sweating but should not feel fatigued. Your warm-up should finish with some flexibility. Remember a thorough warm-up greatly reduces the risk of injury. A suitable duration for a warm-up may last for anything up to 30 minutes.
b. Training Session. Within your training regime, variety is very important. It is now widely accepted that a cross training programme is the most effective way to improve all round fitness. Cross training activities are suggested below:-
1. Swimming
2. Running
3. Rowing – indoor machines.
c. Dos and Don’ts
1. Do invest in a quality pair of running shoes.
2. Do follow the correct warm-up and warm-down procedure as part of your fitness regime.
3. Do train regularly and progress at a sensible rate.
4. Do try and train with a partner if possible.
5. Do avoid too much road running. Try cross-country instead. 6. Do contact your doctor if you start to develop any abnormal aches and pains.
7. Do eat food high in carbohydrates and proteins.
8. Do training to give up smoking if you can or at least to cu down.
9. Do remember to shower after exercise and wear clean dress before the next session.
10. Don’t overestimate your level of fitness; you could be in for a surprise at the CCL.
11. Don’t train too soon after a meal; wait at least 2 hours, even longer after heavy meals.
12. Don’t train if you feel unwell. Remember sickness can drastically weaken your body functions.
13 .Don’t delay the start of your training; begin now rather than later.
d. Stretch Exercises Before and After Running. Ensure that you relax your body parts after running. The best way is to lie down on the ground and stretch your shoulder, arms and back.
(To be filled with blue ink and in capital letters)
1.Cadet No_________________ 2.Batch _____________________
3. Full Name _________________________________________________________
4. Father/Guardian Name_______________________________________________
5. Father/Guardian serving/served in armed forces (Yes/No)
a. Service (Army/PAF/FN/CAF b. Rank _____________________
c. Status (Serving/Retired) _________________________________________
6. Father’s Profession _____________________________________________________
a. Profession (Specify) _______________________________________
b. Profession Details _______________________________________
7. a. Religion ____________________ b. Sect. _______________
8. Domicile District ___________________ 9. Province _______________
10.Family Background (Rural/Urban) _________________________________________
11.Previous School Report
a. School Name _______________________________________
b. Obtained Marks ____________ c. Total Marks _________________
d. Percentage ____________ e. Grade (A, B, C, D) _________
12.Games (Indicate games you play with leel of proficiency i.e. School/Team) Games Level/Colour Achieved

a. ___________________________ _________________________________
b. ___________________________ _________________________________
c. ___________________________ _________________________________
d. ___________________________ _________________________________
13.Swimmer (Yes / No) 14. Squash/ Badminton (Yes / No)
15.Computer Literate (Yes / No) ___________________________________________
16.Hobbies (In the order of priority)
a. ___________________ b. ___________________ c. ____________________
17.Skill or Expertise (Specify) ____________________________________________
18.Height in cms (2.5 cms = 1 inch) _______________________________________
19.Weights Kgs (2.2 lb = 1 Kg) _______________________________________
20.Marks of Identification _______________________________________
Date.___________________ Signature ___________________________
(Candidate’s Signature)
Note: This form should be sent to Exam Branch Cadet College Larkana immediately on receipt of joining instructions by UMS/TCS/Fax/Email etc.
I_______________________________S/o__________________________certify that I have neither suffered from, any pf the congenital disease of heart, Lungs, kidney, brain (Psychological) or any other vital organs nor have any family history of the same. I also certify that concealing such an information will tantamount to perjury, for which, on subsequent discovery I shall be liable to be terminated/ withdrawn from CCL and that I shall also be liable to pay for all medical treatment and other public expenses made during my entire stay in CCL.

Signature _________________
Address _________________
S/o _________________
Name _________________