Art & Craft Club


Arts and crafts club established in September 1994 for teaching voluntary to members (cadets ) of the club; wood, steel, stone, jipsim, terra cotta work with painting, sculpture, reliet work, calligraphy in many subjects a and methods (School of thoughts and themes) with handi cashing work and quines making.

The founder of club is Gul Muhammad Abbasi alias Anees Gul Abbasi Assistant Professor in sindhi and well known poet and jewellery worker (Gold smith ) of Sindh with cooperation of Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal (Art teacher in college). Now a day Mr.Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is incharge arts club separately and Mr. Anees is incharge crafts club. The arts and crafts club is only single club, which is active in its activities full time and whole the working year in cadet college Larkana.

Chemistry Club


Chemistry lab was initiated in the College in late nineteen of the twentieth century A.D. It was established to broaden the scientific horizon of the students of the college. The club is working as a nursery of the future chemists.

Since, then different teachers have served as officer incharge as one after the other, they are Associate Professor Zulfiqar Ali Shar, Asst: Professor Muhammad Hashim Memon, lecturer Ashfaq Ahmed Mashori and lecturer Rashid Ahmed Channa.

Mandate of the club is “Be Curious to Innovate and Invent”.

Aims/ Objectives


(1)    To create and augment the interest among students for activities related to chemistry.
(2)    To make them establish relationship between theory and practical while applying knowledge.
(3)    To polish their hidden talents and excel them in their knowledge and scientific skills.

The club members are zealous in displaying their talent with cooperation of the teachers in the following forms:

Designing models for clarifying chemical concepts.
Manufacturing products to translate their knowledge and skills into real form.
Making fun while doing little activities, processes, involving chemical reactions related to daily life.
Physics Club


The purpose of physics club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world throughout the college and local community. Physics club is also to develop your interest in science, to introduce you to a variety of scientific disciplines and to develop skills in fieldwork, research and project presentations. The college cadet college aims to impart integral education of the highest standard, sound learning, build up character and instill highest moral and spiritual values of cadets. All Sciences are practical subjects and we aim to challenge and motivate our students using laboratory work wherever possible. Physics Club is to ascertain the role and the steps necessary to pursue a career in the field, to support prospective students and promote social skills necessary to work in a medical or public field.

Aims & Objectives

The practical work and club activities are helpful for the Cadets and the other people to understand various physical phenomena and theories in an easily understandable manner. The objectives of physics club are as follow:

(1)    Stimulate interest in science activities among students.
(2)    Enable students to carry out self-directed activities in areas of interest in science.
(3)    Provide opportunities for students to develop initiatives and creativities.
(4)    To allow the students to develop and build their talents naturally.

Activities 0f The Club

Physics club activities are performed by Cadets in physics laboratory under the guidance of teacher. Following set of activities are performed by the students in physics club.

a) Preparing working scientific projects.
b) Making Models.
c) Making small activities which better their skills.

Biology Club


Biology Club activities are performed in Biology Laboratory. Cadets of different classes prepare the Models in Biology Club under the guidance of their Biology Teachers. The models prepared by the cadets are placed in “Scientific Exhibition” during the “Parents Day”. These models help the cadets and the viewers to increase understanding of living systems.

Aims and Objectives of Biology Club

Biology Club has a multitude of aims and objectives. It has been established to increase knowledge about all aspects of Biology and to develop an understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles and an appreciation of their significance. Bio Club activities create awareness for application of Biology in personal, social, economic, environmental and technological contexts.

Biology Club activities also give the students the opportunity to experience science by using scientific research procedures. In order to achieve meaningful learning, scientific theories and their application methods should be experienced by students. Moreover, club activities encourage the development of analytical and critical thinking skills and encourage interest in science.

The general purposes of Biology Club are:
Supporting or strengthening theoretical knowledge.
Experiencing the pleasure of discovery.
Teaching how scientific knowledge may be used in daily life.
Developing manual skills by using tools and equipment.
And allowing students to apply skills instead of memorizing.
To date, many studies have been conducted on the importance of laboratory work while teaching science. Currently, science educators and teachers agree that laboratory work is indispensable to the understanding of science.