The library of cadet college Larkana is one of the best libraries of Pakistan at intermediate level. In the library, there are about 40,000 books on various subjects; History, Geography, Economics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Literature, Hadith, Tafseer etc. Beside these, Magazines, Periodicals and newspapers in English, Urdu and Sindhi languages are also available, on regularly basis, for the readers. Moreover, there are four corners in the library; i.e. i) Seat Corner  ii) Latif Corner iii) Iqbal Corner iv) Dr. N.A Baloch Corner. In these corners, the books are related to the respective personalities’ lives and their accomplishments.

The most noteworthy point of the library is its open access .The reader comes, select a book for reading and pick it for reading in the library without any order to make the cadets habitual of reading, two periods per week are allotted to every class. They have right to borrow a book of the library for 15 days.